We produce dramatic results just by replacing door and drawer fronts and covering existing cabinet boxes with new wood. We can also spice up that new look with custom features.

Door Styles:

Our solid wood doors are of the highest quality and species of wood. This provides a unique look to the wood when stain is absorbed and will give the stained cabinet doors slight color deviations that make your kitchen one of a kind. We offer many styles of doors for you to choose from and our design consultants can help you decide what will accent your home.

  • Standard such as Shaker, Belcourt Raised, and Dover
  • Deluxe such as Hearst, Huntington, and Windsor
  • Luxury such as Amberley: Raised, Sussex: Raised, and Thornbury
  • Exclusive such as Nottingham: Raised, Carlisle: Raised, and Staffordshire: Raised

Virtual Kitchen

Use our Virtual Kitchen Design Tool and pick your cabinets, flooring and countertops so you can visualize the final look.


In the 60s and 70s the trend was toward lots of cavernous lower cabinets with lots of wasted space. A great way to regain and even expand any space lost when upper peninsula cabinets are removed is to convert lower cabinets to drawers. Not limited pull-outs, but real drawers


Wood Species:

Some main points to consider are the type of wood you prefer, the color, and the grain of the wood. These three points will all blend perfectly together in the final type that you choose.

Some examples of hard wood are hickory, maple, cherry, oak, and birch wood. Soft woods are woods like pine and cedar. Start by choosing one of these types.

Once the classification of the wood is chosen, next is the color of the wood. It is important to remember that there are different natural color variations in wood, even if the wood is cut from the same tree. Color is important to fit your style, but remember that stain can always be used if there is a type of wood that does not come in a color you wish to have.

The grain of the wood refers to the texture and different patterns that are naturally found in wood. No two cuts of wood will have the same grain, so try to keep all wood used as similar as possible. Some of the different types of grain that you may get to choose from are: fine, straight, cross, spiral, wavy, curly, and arch.

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