Designing A Custom Backsplash

Remodeling a kitchen can be overwhelming and there are many options to upgrade, but one area that might be easily over looked is backsplashes. This should not be overlooked for many reasons, some might even surprise you. The area between the stove/countertop is the most under-utilized area of a kitchen.

When deciding what to do with this space that many don’t think about, or settle for the easiest solution, careful thought is worth your time. This area can be the home of a wonderful backsplash that will attract the eye with both marvelous color and texture. In a small kitchen this color can add an outstanding accent color without taking up too much wall space.

The main purpose of a backsplash is to save the sheet-rock from large spills and spatters from cooking. However it can be constructed in just about any material and be used for many different purposes.
We can fabricate any custom height for slab backsplash. Standard splash height is around 4″.  Also we can quote you a full height slab backsplash. Many customers are now choosing to use decorative tile for backsplash to accent the colors in the granite. Please speak with your sales representative or come visit our showroom to find out all the options for backsplash.

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